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Little Sprout

Gemstone & Baltic Amber Teething Necklace | Dark Amber & Amethyst

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Our Lithuanian Baltic Amber has been tested to meet the high standards for safety and quality to insuring genuine healing properties.

Natural oils in the amber are released when worn next to warm skin - entering the blood stream just as topical or ingested medication would, to rapidly relieve pain.

To prolong the use of your Amber avoid soap, direct sunlight, and too much water, all of which will deteriorate the stones by pulling out oil that makes amber so effective. Do not drop amber as it can cause the beads to crack.

Each necklace has a safety release screw. Should the necklace be pulled on, the screw will pop out and release.
Knotted between each bead, in the evnet of a break in the necklace, only one bead will be fall.

Amber is not for chewing, playing with, or wearing while unattended. This includes sleeping time. Be sure to use the appropriate size for the child using it. Fit should be snug and baby should not be able to put the necklace in their mouth, or get an arm through. If this is the case it is too big and should be removed. Each Baby-Toddler size necklace measures approximately 12.5" and fits babies from 3-6 months to preschool.