At Oak + Acorn we care so much about the quality of our goods. From our diaper line, to our apparel, we're here for you in case something is missed during quality-control checks, or if an item deteriorates before it should. 

Please note our warranties are transferable, we just need the original proof of purchase.  Please have photos of the item in question ready and send them along in your first email so we can get you some assistance as quickly as possible. 

While we do stand behind the workmanship and materials we use, we cannot replace items due to normal wear and tear such as fading, shrinkage, rips, abrasions, stains, pilling fleece, burns, staining, leaks, damage by laundering machines and items sold as seconds quality.

Here's what's covered:

Defective snaps or zippers usually show up pretty early on, and can be replaced by our team within 3 months from the date of purchase. 

The delamination of our PUL products is pretty rare but covered for claims placed within 1 year of purchase. Please avoid harsh detergents such as Tide since this can cause premature deterioration of PUL and elastics and may void your warranty.

Should the elastics on your product come detached please contact us within 30 days of purchase. Relaxed elastics are not covered under warranty. 


If you received an item with irregular or missed stitches please reach out so we can help sort this out for you. 

Please note: we do NOT recommend using detergents with harsh perfumes and chemicals because they will cause premature deterioration of our fabric and elastics and void your warranty. Please check our laundering suggestions for more details on this. 


Warranty Excludes:
Normal wear, tears, cuts, abrasions, stains, pilling fleece, burns, staining, leaks, and items sold as seconds quality.

Shipping items back for return or repair
When items must be repaired or exchanged, contact Easy Peasies for complete instructions at Info @ EasyPeasies.com. Reimbursements when required are made in the form of store credit at Easy Peasies only.