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Easy Peasies

Set of 4 Newborn AIO Cloth Diaper | One-Piece

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The Easy Peasies® Newborn diaper with umbilical cutout is the perfect option for your tiny infant. Our newborn diaper is suitable for most babies from 4- 15 lbs by adjustable size settings. 


 Each diaper features an umbilical cut out so you can use them right from birth   

Double gusset leg elastics, and back band in keep messes contained - meaning fewer outfit changes, and less laundry than with disposable diapers*.

Our premium quality fabric stretches and moves with your little one and the gentle elastics won't leave harsh marks on sensitive skin.

The contoured shape of Easy Peasies give your baby a more natural fit, eliminating bulk between the legs and allowing for easier movement and more restful sleeping.

The waterproof outer shell keeps both baby and caregiver dry for 2-4 hours. The soft stay-dry inside insures sensitive skin is protected against rash-causing wetness while allowing liquids to pass through into the absorbent insert. 

*as reported by parents who've used both 

Made in Canada